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Positano is one of the most elegant and well known villages on the Amalfi coast. It is located in one of the most beautiful valleys of the Amalfi Coast, and the valley opens up to an equally magnificent stretch of coastline. The town is built on steep hills descending to the sea and has been resembled to a wedding cake in terms of its layout and terraces flowing with bougainville vines.

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About Positano

A favourite destination of the likes of Picasso, Klee, Rossellini, Toscanini, Bernstein and Steinbeck, Positano remains a popular destination of artists and culture lovers today.

The main coastal road passes further up than the town and a oneway loop road leads down to the upper part of the village. From there on it is all by foot down through winding alleyways lined by boutiques, cafes and street markets to the centre of town, where there is the brightly colored 'maiolica' dome of Santa Maria Assunta, the main church of Positano.

A few more steps lead down to the more lively Positano beach area where there are many pizzerias, bars, pastry shops and restaurants leading onto the main beach area. A little to the left is the Marina of Positano.

A little history of the area

It is likely that the Positano area was inhabited prior to the birth of Christ. Later on it was a part of the Republic of Amalfi, and despite the lack of a harbour, it was an international trading centre. The long isolation of the Amalfi coast, which until the last century could only be reached by sea, has meant that numerous traditions have stood the test of time.

Why Positano

+ Picturesque and lively holiday location
+ Proximity to major attractions
+ Transport node (during the summer months)

Villa rental holidays

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Things to do in Positano

  • There are days of fun exploring all of the footpaths and stairways in town
  • Relax on the beach or take a boat transfer to one of the isolated beaches nearby
  • View the churches of Santa Maria Assunta, Santa Margherita and San Giacomo
  • Shopping in the many fashion boutiques, ceramics shops and others
  • Relax in our holiday rental villa and enjoy the local atmosphere when you wish

A little further afield

  • Visit the nearby localities of Amalfi, Praiano and Ravello
  • Hike to local villages of Montepertuso or Furore
  • Take a ferry to Capri or Sorrento
  • Visit Pompei, Herculaneum or Oplontis

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