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Rental Villas Italy - Meridian Villas


Honeymoon, family holiday, vacation letttings in rental villas, aparmtents to rent or self-catering accommodation at Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy,

The dry mediterranean climate and the once violent clashes of tetonic plates and volcanic activity have combined with an equally turbulent history to create a region so unique and interesting that even the Italians regard it as different from the rest of Italy.

Why Campania

  • To explore the Amalfi coast, Sorrento Peninsula, Capri Island
  • Historical sites at Pompei, Vesuvius, Herculaneum
  • The culture, food and flavours of Naples

More about the Campania region

The principle city of the Campania is Naples which is nestled in the Bay of Naples and climbs up from the port through narrow streets and lanes to the flat topped hills of Vomero and Posilipo. 'See it before you die' acclaimed one poet.

Meanwhile, within an hour, one can reach the scenic Amalfi Coast with it's famous villages of Positano, Amalfi and the hilltop retreat of Ravello; the Sorrento Peninsula with its clifftop hotels and traditional villages; Capri to mix it with the jetset; and of course the wonders of Mount Vesuvius, Pompei, Herculaneum and Oplontis where there are still echoes of heavy wooden chariot wheels on well worn pavements.

Perhaps more important than the physical aspects of the region, are the cultural features of the Campania region. The rich volcanic soils and well stocked sea together with a strong family culture and infatuation with food combine to provide a population with great passion, colour and happiness with life.

And then there's the food - the food!! I'll bet that you've never tasted a tomato until you've tasted a Sorrento tomato! Combine it with a plaitted piece of fresh mozzarella, a little of the local olive oil, a couple of leaves of fresh basil and some of the crusty fresh bread of the area together with a glass of crisp white wine, on a fine sunny day overlooking the sea, and you'll begin to understand the Napolitan culture!

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Area Links

Amalfi Coast
Rugged mountains and hilltop towns leading down to steep seaside villages, dramatic coves and splendid pebbly beaches.

Sorrento Peninsula
Characterised by steep cliffs along the coast from Naples, the hinterland is a relaxed area of villages set in rolling hills with great views of the sea.


Our feature villas in Campania

Italy - Campania - Amalfi Coast - Villa Deva

Villa Deva
Campania - Amalfi Coast - Amalfi

Sleeps: 12 + 2 Bathrooms: 5
Price €: 5100 - 8800

A luxury villa with pool in a dominating position in the heart of the Amalfi Coast > more

Italy - Campania - Sorrento Peninsula - Casetta della Volpe

Casetta della Volpe
Campania - Sorrento Peninsula - Termini

Sleeps: 4 Bathrooms: 1
Price €: 1000 - 1600

Completely secluded country style villa with sweeping views over the sea to Capri and Naples. Ideal for a honeymoon or a romantic break. > more

Italy - Campania - Amalfi Coast - Torre Maiori

Torre Maiori
Campania - Amalfi Coast - Maiori

Sleeps: 18 + 2 Bathrooms: 7
Price €: 6500 - 11000

Holiday of a lifetime in this meandering villa with 2 pools and direct sea access. > more

Italy - Campania - Amalfi Coast - Villa Praia

Villa Praia
Campania - Amalfi Coast - Praiano

Sleeps: 16 Bathrooms: 7
Price €: 0 - 17900

A large holiday villa with pool in the heart of the Amalfi Coast, within walking distance to town, ideal for family reunions or for a group vacation with friends > more

Italy - Campania - Sorrento Peninsula - Villa Belvedere

Villa Belvedere
Campania - Sorrento Peninsula - Massa Lubrense

Sleeps: 9 + 2 Bathrooms: 4
Price €: 5900 - 11500

Luxury villa with pool in a panoramic position overlooking the Isle of Capri and Bay of Naples > more

Italy - Campania - Sorrento Peninsula - Villa Cantone

Villa Cantone
Campania - Sorrento Peninsula - Nerano

Sleeps: 14 Bathrooms: 7
Price €: 6365 - 10770

Luxury beachfront villa with pool overlooking the Amalfi coast from the Sorrento Peninsula. Walk to beach and cafes restaurants in a delightful seaside village. > more

More feature villas in Campania


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