Massa Lubrense

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As the road winds out along the coast road from Sorrento, one can tangibly feel that they are leaving the city way of life behind. Local farmers (contadini) with their three wheeled Ape Utes tend the olive plantations that string along the rocky hillsides and every now and again the bushes open up to the stretches of blue sea and sights of Capri and the other islands in the Bay of Naples.

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About Massa Lubrense

Massalubrense is 7klm in from Sorrento towards the point of the Peninsula. At approximately 100 metres above the sea, its panoramic terrazza enjoys broad views over Bay of Naples. Below is the charismatic fishing village of Marina della Lobra where local fishing families still live in their traditional ways, little affected by buzzing Sorrento just a few klms away.

The peninsula is laced with antique walking tracks and there are many that cross over Massalubrense. Within a few hours one can stroll from village to village and cross the whole peninsula. These walking tracks are still commonly used by the locals and often you'll find yourselves gazing at scenes that you would think were from a bygone era.

This is the spirit of the Massalubrense area where mass tourism has not taken hold and local shopkeepers are enthusiastic that you savour the local produce and enjoy what the local area has to offer.

Why Massalubrense

+ Lovely village atmosphere
+ Favourable climate
+ Fabulous outlook

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Things to do around the Massalubrense area

  • Relax at your rental villa or apartment, many of which have private pools or beach access
  • Go for a walk on the walking tracks to a nearby village and sample the food
  • Relax a while in the village at Marina della Lobra...and be sure to take your swimming costume
  • Enjoy the vibrant village life of Massalubrense
  • Hire a local wooden boat and look around the Siren coast, or whip over to Capri
  • Try a selection of trattorias and restaurants

A little further afield

  • Visit Sorrento, and particularly the night market
  • Take an excursion by hydrofoil from Sorrento to Capri, Positano, Naples
  • Visit Pompei, Herculaneum or Oplontis (30 mins by train from Sorrento)
  • Take a drive around the coastal road to Positano (30 mins)
  • Look at the things to do in other nearby localities - Termini, Nerano, Sant'Agata

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