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Le Marche

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Along with Tuscany and Umbria, the region of Le Marche forms the area known as central Italy. From its border with Tuscany and Umbria high up in the Apennine mountains this large region flows eastward down over rolling hills to the white sandy beaches on the Adriatic Sea.

Posessing many of the features that have made Tuscany and Umbria so popular - hilltop towns, patchwork countryside and good food - Le Marche is relatively undiscovered by mass tourism.

Why Le Marche

  • Rolling hills onto white beaches
  • Captivating hilltop villages
  • Great food and wine

The region of Le Marches is bounded by Emilia-Romagna to the North, Tuscany and Umbria to the west, Abruzzo to the south and the Adriatic sea to the east. The population of 1.5 million tend to inhabit mainly along the coast leaving much of the beautiful inland countryside sparsely inhabited.

The inland mountainous areas are mostly limestone and are noted for bare peaks, rushing torrents, dramatic gorges and interesting caves. Moving east, theterrain gives way to gently rolling hills, celebrated for their fertility and often featuring anchient fortified towns. The coast boasts long sandy beaches apart from the limestone Conero peninsula and there are some wonderful renaissance towns along the coast.

Holiday rentals in Le Marche Italy. Renting a villa, apartment or self catering accommodation in Le Marche offers the opportunity for a splendid vacation around Pesaro, Urbino, Urbania, Cagli, Recanati

To do in Le Marche

  • Enjoy the wonderful seasideExplore the countryside and hill villages
  • Day excursions to many of the exciting natural features (see area and locality pages)
  • Hiking or bicycle riding
  • Visit the local festivals which are virtually year round

Must sees:

  • The renaissance town of Urbino in the north
  • The Frasassi caves with its 240m high central chamber
  • Furlo Gorge and the Conero national park
  • Mount Sibilini (2470m)
  • Open air opera season at Macerata
  • Music festivals in Urbino, Pesaro, Fano

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Inland in Le Marche, perhaps more so than anywhere else in central Italy, you will find places where time really has stood still

Beautiful sandy beaches with a backdrop of green patchwork hills